Kawaii Zooming

Following my last blog on The Zoom Project, I set about continuing with it and finally completed the painting on Friday. It was such a fun project to work on and just in time for the Zoom meeting with my high school classmates! The meeting went very well, and it was wonderful to see everyone, many of those I hadn’t seen since we left in 1983 or even before. So this is the finished result of my Zoom Project! Acrylic paint and ink were mainly used for this, but I introduced quite a bit of gouache as well to let the brighter colors pop out more, i.e., with the outfits. To finish it all off, I enjoyed embellishing with origami collages (flowers and teddy bear craft punches) and pimping it all up further with glitter glue, 3D markers, Nuvo drops and sequins. And look at it now!!

Just as my classmates took turns explaining what we have been up to since leaving school, each of our kawaii characters here have their own stories to share! Isn’t that amazing, how during this project I came up with that idea. It certainly keeps the creative juices flowing! For the upcoming blogs then, I will be sharing now and again some stories about each of our little friends who happened to get together for a Zoom session. So watch this space!


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