Zooming: Hello Kitty

From my Kawaii Zooming painting come some mini paintings depicting these happy friends getting together on Zoom! This artwork, to recap, was inspired by the Zoom meeting organized by my classmates from high school. I took that opportunity to integrate many of my whimsical animals and characters onto one paper and turn it into something cute. As I continued painting, I further realised that each of the characters also have a story to tell just as my classmates on had over what’s been going on with their lives. What a great chance to get even more creative: First with the painting and then with the story-telling!

Today, we are introducing Hello Kitty! Well at least looking like one, as my drawing is not as good as the original illustrator. Little One, who is organizing the Zoom meeting, is a huge fan of Hello Kitty! With a huge collection of plushies, figurines and accessories in her room, she is such a fanatic that she was even contacted by Hello Kitty herself who is honored to be featured in Little One’s collection. And of course Little One is oh so agog with excitement and couldn’t wait to introduce this world-famous celebrity to her other friends here on Zoom. A bit of a background of Hello Kitty: Born in London and still living there but in the suburbs with her parents and twin sister Mimmy. She is so sweet, wanting to invite Little One over to England and show her around as well as sharing her famous apple pie. Once the pandemic is over, Little One would definitely give it a go. “Can we also join too please?”, ask her friends. “Of course, my dear friends are welcome anytime!” smiles Kitty.


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