Zooming: Bunny Boo and Her Sister

From my Kawaii Zooming painting come some mini paintings depicting these happy friends getting together on Zoom! This artwork, to recap, was inspired by the Zoom meeting organized by my classmates from high school. I took that opportunity to integrate many of my whimsical animals and characters onto one paper and turn it into something cute. As I continued painting, I further realised that each of the characters also have a story to tell just as my classmates on had over what’s been going on with their lives. What a great chance to get even more creative: First with the painting and then with the story-telling!

Let’s start with the first frame. That’s Bunny Boo and her little baby sister Bibi. Both live together in a little cottage in the middle of the woods with their parents. We love that wallpaper, by the way, a sort of retro orange with Teddy Bears all over. Makes retro all the more cuter! Today, Bunny Boo was off to a Zoom meeting when her baby sister tagged along and asked if she could join and see her friends. She was more than thrilled to let her, seeing how her friends hadn’t met her yet as she had not yet born. So both of them dressed up for the occasion, Bunny Boo in pink and Bibi in glittery blue. “Oh your little sister is so cute”, they cooed. And indeed she is. Both of them are!

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