The Zoom Project

So what is a Zoom Project, you may be asking? Well, it is a painting I have been wanting to do for a while. Just getting together some cute characters doing a video chat on Zoom! WIth the on-going pandemic, we have limited social contact and less travelling opportunities and hence it is the only way to greet each other and see how we are all doing. Various video chat platforms are available, Zoom being the most popular and the starter of the trend. And incidentally, my High School class has been trying to organize one lately, and we plan to do it this weekend! People I haven’t seen in over 35 years since I left school, though many we’ve reconnected on FB. Of course, this was the perfect opportunity to pursue the project that I’ve been waiting for!

Sketching the Idea

I outlined my idea on a small sketchbook. Eight frames and just to “cute it up”, I added some hearts on the side. Little One, being the organizer, is in the center and surrounded by her friends: Little Bunny and her tiny sister, Kitty-chan (inspired by Hello Kitty), Bubbly One, Teddy Bear, Moo Cow and her Owl, Mad Cat Girl and Doggy (inspired by French illustration Lisa of Gaspard et Lisa). Glad they were all able to make it!

Getting Started

I grabbed the biggest and thickest mixed media paper I had, 40x50cm. After measuring the parts and lining them with ruler and pencil, I traced over the lines with some Payne’s Grey acrylic paint. It’s not easy keeping a straight line the thickness uniform, but I did my best. But then again, does it really matter? It’s an illustration and imperfection makes the painting even more interesting and cute. Once I had the frames done, I went about my pencil sketch based on the little drawing I had made earlier. The exciting part is now about to begin… coloring it all in!

Story to Tell

I’ve been working on this project the past week, painting in between my hectic schedule or in the evenings. Whilst helping me relax, it gets me even more inspired! I do proceed frame by frame, a new one everyday for instance, although I would of course go back to a previous one and tweak on it a bit by changing or adding colors or details. So much fun it is, and I look forward to a new one after a busy day. Recently, though, it occurred to me that each frame has its own story to tell! Who would have thought. A wonderful way to get even more creative, as my upcoming blogs will now and again focus on each frame and the stories behind them. Now what an exciting journey this is going to be!

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