Zooming: Little Lica

From my Kawaii Zooming painting emerge some mini paintings depicting these happy friends getting together on Zoom! This artwork, to recap, was inspired by the Zoom meeting organized by my classmates from high school. I took that opportunity to integrate many of my whimsical animals and characters onto one paper and turn it into something cute. As I continued painting, I further realised that each of the characters also have a story to tell just as my classmates had over what’s been going on with their lives. What a great chance to get even more creative: First with the painting and then with the story-telling!

Now meet Little Lica-chan. Named after the Japanese version of Barbie Doll, she’s a great laugh and a bubbly drinking buddy of Little One. Both of them enjoy dressing up and going out for some shopping and later off for some aperitif before diving in for small dinner. Although Little One is a teetotaller, Little Lica enjoys the occasional tipple now and again. Going out like that has not been possible the past year of course due to Covid. Yet they manage to make to most of it by inviting each other at home. Today is a special occasion because of the Zoom meeting with some old friends she hadn’t seen in years. And so she’s donned on her favorite hot pink dress looking elegant with her string of pearls. And don’t forget the champagne to toast with! “To our health!” booms Lica-chan, “and praying things will come to the new normal soon..”

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