Zooming: Coco the Crazy Cat Lady

From my Kawaii Zooming painting emerge some mini paintings depicting these happy friends getting together on Zoom! This artwork, to recap, was inspired by the Zoom meeting organized by my classmates from high school a month ago. I took that opportunity to integrate many of my whimsical animals and characters onto one paper and turn it into something cute. As I continued painting, I further realised that each of the characters also have a story to tell just as my classmates had over what’s been going on with their lives. What a great chance to get even more creative: First with the painting and then with the story-telling!

And who have we here on Zoom! Introducing Coco, another wonderful friend of Little One from her school days. She sadly moved to the other part of the country but the two have managed to stay in touch through Facebook and occasionally meet for lunch, shopping and playing with kittens. That’s right, among the things they have in common are their love for cats! Coco runs a little nursery for stray kittens she rescues and on the side manages a B&B for cats when their owners go on vacation. She really dotes on them, and ensures that the stray ones find a good home. Furthermore, the owners are happy to entrust her with their pets when they are away. And how sweet, Little One contributes to the home as a sponsor so the kitties could be further well looked after and fed. When she is visiting, she rolls her sleeves up and helps out whilst cooing at all the kawaii cats and kittens. Coco is known as the “crazy cat lady” but all for a good cause. Speaking of crazy, she was just by her desk on the Zoom call when one of her feline babies stealthily wandered into the study and jumped beside her! And that blank stare towards the camera. Cheeky! “Oh my goodness, so cute”, giggles Little One, “she looks just like Ginger our neighborhood cat, and she’s just as naughty too!”

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