More than Simple

Drawing Two from our Paint Mojo Workshop. We all got a huge paper and placed masking tape around and on it to divide the paper in six sections. Then we painted with a big brush the word “simple” across the paper. Whilst others wrote it straight across, I decided to think outside the box and go diagonal. A bit messy but here it is…

Added layers and layers of paint, collages and more paint as well as some stamping. We created our own stamps using a styrofoam sheet and “carved” our images with a pointed instrument. Check out the variety in sizes, shapes and colours! We get our flow from considering opposites, thick vs thin, transparent vs opaque, round vs angular, shapes vs linear, big vs small etc. This way if we are ever stuck in a rut we should go back to the “opposites” game. Makes perfect sense!

Whist we continued painting as if it were one piece, it dawned on us that we have the masking tapes down for a reason. It divides the painting into six different sub-paintings! That way you have an idea as to what is missing and what areas needs working on further. This is a very interesting exercise! More was then added and any lost white space was compensated by little doodles with my white acrylic marker, And as I take my tape off, this is what we get:

The pieces had already been cut up before I realized I needed to take a photo but I think you get the idea! From those individual prices, we are to add even more and create six mini paintings. How kawaii is that! The continuation of that shall follow shortly. Meanwhile, the scrap masking tape can indeed be recycled and used as a sort of washi tape in other paintings!

Today, I had some time to work on the mini paintings and will be sharing them soon. Tracy’s workshop certainly gives me a different perspective to my artwork and I can’t wait to learn more! Very exciting times…


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