Mini Painting: Caterpillar

Sharing my second mini painting from the More Than Simple series!  It may look like a bunch of scribbles and doodles to some but I can assure you that the subconscious mind speaks.  And I’m having so much fun trying to interpret my mindset at the time of painting…  today is the painting from the top middle.


The green curve which was originally part of the “m” in the word “simple” is now a leaf as seen below.  Little One, drawn in blue, is visiting a rose garden, and the sun is out.  It’s so warm that the sun reflects the green grass and gives out a silver shimmer.  On the leaf crawls a little grey caterpillar with an orange hat!  Could she be growing wings already?

Version 2
I guess the caterpillar in this painting represents the slow pace the of life in Cambodia and how beautiful life is when you’re so relaxed. Look at all the positive vibes in terms of the vivid colours and bursts!  The orange reminds me of the Buddhist monks because of their robes and hence reflects the spiritual atmosphere at the retreat, something I so needed.  Although caterpillars become cocoons before emerging as butterflies, I feel that the wings mean metamorphosis and change.

My experience in Cambodia was definitely a life-changing experience especially when we had the opportunity to visit a children’s school that focused on art.  Interestingly, this school is called the Butterfly Educational Center!  Little One is in the background this time as opposed to being the center subject, watching all the changes taking place from the corner and wanting to give those little children a chance to grow too.  Like growing from a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly that could be set free.

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