Plane Jane’s

I thought I’d interrupt the focus on the Paint Mojo artwork this time to give you all a break!  Instead, I’d like to share with you today a little digital piece I did on the airplane coming back from Cambodia!   I like to stay creative especially when I have 12 hours or so to kill on a long-haul flight, but not wanting to lug all my art supplies on board I keep my iPad handy, along with my Apple Pencil stylus.  In terms of the app, the most recommended and well known one is Procreate.

Starting with Oil Pastels

As you know, “Plain Jane”  is a rhyme used in the English language to describe someone who is well, plain.  It is and a play with words or a pun from which I conjured up the title “Plane Jane”.  And of course these Little One’s are not plain at all!  They are kawaii in fact.  Leaving the Paint Mojo workshop with even more inspiration and having embraced the “free spirit” approach to painting, I wanted to continue where I left off and reflect this influence on my iPad.  It’s never the same as paper of course but it was fun!

Next layer was “watercolours”, gel pen and patterns provided by the app.

As mentioned in the photos above, I started with scribbling a bit with oil pastels.  Then I brushed on some watercolour to check out this “water resistant” effect in digital form when I added the next layer.  Not looking bad!  I continued on with some doodles using gel pens and even substituted the collage papers with some cool visual effects provided by the app.  Ingenious!  Once I got going, I began building more and more.  I’m amazed how much possibilities there are on this app.  Just kept on adding and adding till I was happy.

No, not Plain Jane’s at all but Plane Jane’s!

Always exciting to experiment.  I think the Paint Mojo influence also worked rather well in digital form!  The only thing that is missing though is not being able to play with the different textures and thickness.  As such, digital painting does lack the dimension you otherwise get on paper or canvas.  I do however, love the colours, and with the app you can adjust them to your own liking.  It’s also a great way to paint your mind when you have limited space but lots of imagination!

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