Mini Painting: Sunset

Back to the Paint Mojo creations again and sharing the third of the six-part More Than Simple series!  It’s the one on the top right.

Looking at the painting, the first thing that stands out is the orange on the corner.  And what’s the first thing in turn that comes to mind?  Sunset!  All amid the blue sky on a very warm evening, conjuring up memories from our Cambodia trip of climbing up a hill to Phnom Krom temple to watch the sunset.  And there is Little One again in cool blue with her shy little friend in white finally reaching the top of the hill to watch the sunset.  Below her are fields and a bit of the Banyan leaves. in red.  How interesting is that!  At times, you can see some pink in the sky when the sunset is distinct.


Every painting has a hidden meaning to it, I think.  It is called intuitive painting for a reason!  For one thing, climbing the hill to the top reflects escaping from the troubles of everyday life and viewing things from the top.  It’s a way to put things into perspective.  Sunset also plays a significant role.  Not only is it beautiful to look at but it also marks the end of the day, and when the sun sets you can say goodbye to the negative and still view the sun as a light that radiates positivity.  And that’s what I love about sunset!

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