Mini Painting: Cool Off

Sharing the fourth mini painting from the More Than Simple series I created at the Paint Mojo workshop in Cambodia!  It’s the left one on the bottom.  It took me a while to figure out how to interpret it, but the contrast between the cold blue and the hot orange made me think of wanting to cool down.  Heat was indeed quite intense in Cambodia when we were there with temperatures around 30 degrees celsius in the daytime.  In January, it is considered “winter” there and hence not even the hottest time of the year, imagine!


Little Pink Bunny is climbing up the hill to visit the Phnom Krom Temple.  Along the way are some flowers and green, with some red trees lined up too  And she’s struggling a bit, as it’s too warm in the middle of the day.  Poor bunny!  The orange flower represents the heat, travelling up the hill and spreading the warm air.  There is hope though!  On the bottom is the some water, like a river or lake.  And once Little Pink Bunny is done visiting the Temple, she can’t wait to rush down and cool off by the water!  She could then enjoy a ride on the hot pink raft… she deserves it!


Once again, another creative story behind my paintings.  How fun it is to get all imaginative and discover what is indeed in my intuitive mind!  The excitement lies not only with adding layers of paint but also interpreting every bit.  And of course I enjoy the kawaii element to my stories!

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