Feeding Cats

After days and weeks of painting abstract art, I decided to give my paint brushes a break and go back to the basics: Sketching! And sketching something simple. Our hotel in Cambodia had quite a few cats roaming around. As the restaurant bar was outdoors near the poolside, cats would come and go purring at diners to give them some food. One day at lunch, I was peacefully eating my shrimp fried rice, when a kawaii ginger kitten approached me. She perched herself next to me. The chair I was sitting on is big enough to fit a cat or two.

“Don’t feed the cats,” scolded my boyfriend. “Aww why not?” Of course I knew the answer. Because many more will come, that’s why! Well did I listen? And I don’t mind more cats at all! They’re so cute. And so when I got back home, I decided to draw about it. Little One is indeed feeding some kittens! And we know they love fish. I got my Caran d’Ache graphite art pencils out, a set ranging from 4H to 9B, and began sketching away. And what a pleasant change it was! It’s good to go back to the fundamentals from time to time.

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