Valentine’s Jungle

Uh oh i just realized at the last minute it’s Valentine’s Day today! It’s just that we’ve been so busy lately and traveling a lot that we’ve lost track of time. By chance though I made a kawaii painting just a few days I returned from the Art Mojo workshop in Cambodia. I’ve been quite influenced by the colourful and free-spirited style from there and am experimenting with incorporating them into my usual kawaii work. And also see what happens when I add a bit of romance too!


And here as you see above, I started off by using a piece I had already created ages ago with leftover paint from another painting. It is some flesh-coloured paint by Jane Davenport from which I painted two “empty” faces. This piece I happened to come across whilst struggling to decide what to paint. That certainly came in handy! And with the pair of blank faces, we’re ready to paint me and my boyfriend enjoying each other’s company.

I firstly sketched with pencil the bodies and hair to get an idea about composition. Them out came the oil pastels, inks and paints. I not only used acrylic inks but I also went for India ink. Dr. Ph Martin’s Bombay Ink is one I recommend as they come in a range of beautiful colours. For added kawaii, I glued on bits of origami paper illustrating Tokidoki characters. Also used flower-shaped stamps. After layer after layer, I was happy…

Yes I’m still in the colourful mood! It cheers me up during the drab winter months as a wonderful therapy against depressing thoughts . And the combination of kawaii illustrations and abstract art work really well which is a great boost to our minds. I’ll definitely be doing more “kawaii abstract” work like this!

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