Butterfly by the Sea

Sharing my fifth mini painting from the More Than Simple series I created at the Paint Mojo workshop in Cambodia!  And when painting intuitively it’s always fun to interpret what was on my mind at the time. So what’s been going on with this particular mini-painting?

Of course the first thing we notice is the butterfly! That was actually cut out from a paper napkin. And what a coincidence, since we have been doing some charity work for a children’s school in Siem Reap called Butterfly Educational Center. It’s a non-profit school designed to promote creative arts like music, dancing, painting and sewing for local kids. An appropriate name given butterflies spread their wings and fly away, symbolizing opening up new ideas and attaining freedom. I find it quite touching that children, especially from a country like Cambodia, can now freely express themselves and get creative, giving them a chance to develop their minds from an early age. This was formerly impossible at all costs under the repressive regime.

And now we have this beautiful butterfly in a pretty blue background, representing the sea. The sea to me is refreshing and peaceful, further enhancing freedom. And the green stalks symbolize growth and development. By the way, do you see Little One lurking in the background? It’s a purple imprint from a self-made stamp using a small sheet of plastic foam. Naturally she symbolizes cuteness, emphasized by throwing bright pink balls to spread more kawaii elements around. I suppose freedom by growing creativity was on my mind at the time. This along with focusing on cuteness too!

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