Solar Energy

When I got back from the Paint Mojo workshop a few weeks ago, I couldn’t wait to start a new painting at home! I was so excited to continue with what I had picked up there with all the bright vivid colours, the randomly free style and transferring onto paper whatever came to mind. Being able to come home also means I have all my art supplies at hand so can really go full mixed media!

First thing I went for was Gelli printing. I started off by painting some squiggly patterns on paper with some sepia acrylic ink, followed by the Gelli printing using combination of Permanent Green fluid acrylic and a Light Green heavy body paint and scraping a flower pattern on the gelli plate. Layer after layer of colours were then added. I used a variety of other mediums apart from acrylic, including India Ink in various colours (I recommend Dr. Ph Martin’s set of Bombay Inks) and Faber Castell gelatos which are waxy water-soluble sticks.

In addition, I decided to incorporate some texture into my work with some modelling paste, blending that with some gold fluid acrylic paint as seem on the sun rays. Glitter glue and metallic sequins were also used for added bling. And of course I didn’t forget Sennelier’s 3D Liners in pink and gold. I also glued on some random shapes from pieces of Khmer-language newspaper for some exotic twist. Then came the kawaii doodling. Somewhere in the paintings I just needed to include some cute characters like teddies, bunnies and of course Little One! That’s where the white Molotow pens come handy. Can you detect them? Little One and her friends..

And here it is! Look at the sheer dynamic mood of this painting. The vivid colours. The subdued bling. All the pretty flowers. The sweet lil teddies on the red “London bus”. And Little One springing about with her little friends. So much positive vibes radiated. It’s happening all under the golden sun! Yes having more sun is what I need. What I miss about since leaving Cambodia. Something I miss during the cold winter months in Holland too. We could certainly do with more positive energy, and having more sun helps. Can’t wait till the days get longer!

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