Hot Springs

Sharing my sixth and final mini painting from the More Than Simple series I created at the Paint Mojo workshop in Cambodia!  That’s right, it’s the bottom one on the right hand corner. I have to say I struggled a bit trying to work out how I can interpret the painting, but various thoughts eventually came about. As it turns out, what I had in mind a few weeks ago has evolved to something else. Makes creative work all the more exciting!

At the time whilst in hot boiling Cambodia at 30°C or so, intense heat was most probably on my mind. The hot fluorescent red fire on the left-hand bottom corner tells you a lot. And on the right bottom corner is the sun. Another hint is the orange flames on the top left corner with the background being the jungle. Little One is a bit warm herself too surrounded by heat. However, since I’ve been in Japan, my perception has changed. I’m now up in snowy Hokkaido where the temperature is minus 4°C!

How funny. Now that I’ve gone from one extreme temperature to another, I’m longing for warmth rather than suffering from it. Instead of just fire, the fluorescent red strokes remind me of hot springs, as the volcano spews out hot ashes around the surrounding blue water. The orange “sun” and flames reflect warmth, all wishful thinking when you’re shivering in the cold outside, And there is Little One making her way to bathing in the hot spring and enjoying the fresh air outdoors. Amazing isn’t how our mind evolves. I love how art can give such a dynamic dimension like this!

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