Mini Painting: Kawaii Solar System

From the More Than Simple series (see also below photo), I would like to introduce the first mini painting I completed.


It features some rabbits going off to the moon, based on a Japanese mythology which interprets the surface markings of the moon as resembling a rabbit.  At least that’s how I interpret this painting!  Simply by chance, I made a pair of bunny imprints using some white paint and a styrofoam sheet and stamped it on and by the Antelope Brown corner.  That corner represents the moon.  Quite a dark one too, but a beautiful shade.  Another shimmery turquoise bunny also appears.  This was an unintentional doodle.  I wonder what was going on in my mind at the time of drawing all these bunnies!

Version 2


And these flowers!  They ought to represent huge stars in the green solar system.  Love the pink one.  That was painted in using Holbein’s Acryla gouache in Opera.  Also check out the image of Little One carved out on a blob Ice Green gouache (also by Holbein’s Acryla).  I wonder what brought her to this intriguing solar system!  Perhaps she is on a mission to check out some kawaii in outer space!  Loving how these “accidental” paintings end up as.  Can’t wait to share more of my Mini Paintings!  By the way, I love the Hobein’s Acryla set.  It’s as thick as acrylic paint but more matte.  I have a small set already but would love to get hold of more shades when I’m in Japan next.

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