Pink Flamingos and Teddy

It was a slip of the tongue. I asked my boyfriend last weekend, “So are we going to be able to see some Pink Flamingo Bears”? What I meant to say of course was “birds” instead of “bears”. And the rest is history. My last Pink Flamingo painting was a simple warm-up so this time I wanted to make it more elaborate.

First sketch with pencil on thick mixed media paper.

Then outlined the flamingos and teddy with pink Clean Color Real Brush watercolour pens by Kuretake before filling them in with baby-pink acrylic paint. The flamingos in Light Rose by Royal Talens Amsterdam and teddy in Rose Quartz by Dylusioms. After that I brushed the background with two yellow shades of Ecoline ink.

After letting the ink dry and painting in the beaks, I scraped some gold paint with a small palette knife, using Golden acrylic fluid in Light Gold. I then added collages on the flamingos and teddy with bits of origami paper.

Thinking the body of the flamingos needed more, I stencilled in some spotty patterns using Distress Ink. Worked rather well! However, I’m not sure if stamping in some patterns in the background was a good idea 😦

So I gesso’d and painted over the stamped feather on the upper left side. An orange circle instead resembling the sun and reflections of it next to it. Then brushed some Lemon Zest paint by Dylusions to close the gap between the subject and background. The flamingos and Teddy were outlined over again with pink Ecoline marker. Then some details were added with some markers and India Ink.

A bit of a busy painting this time, busier than my usual style. And a more abstract. A combination of kawaii and bling. Strong yet soft. Angles and roundness. But perhaps I could have added some cooler colours to play down the warm tones although the pink helped a bit. If I have the chance, I might like to go back to the painting and redo some parts. Maybe add some blue or purple. We shall see But anyway, I thought I’d share what I have and see what others think…

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