Remake: Pink Flamingos and Teddy

A week or so ago, I painted Pink Flamingos and Teddy and was not too sure about it.  It was the messy ink stamps on the bottom of the paper that was bothering me but I was too afraid to ruin the painting.  Decided then to sleep over it.  The next morning, the more I looked at it, it was indeed bothering me.  Thought to myself how to best cover it up and which colour and how?

img_3316-2Took the plunge and went for a turquoise paint.  I figured the painting could do with some cooler colours but not too contrasty that the two flamingos and teddy would fade in the background.  It was the left and the right side that I didn’t like.  I painted some “sea waves” and left the green grass in the middle alone as they could look like seaweed.  As usual added some dotted details with Uni Posca white marker.


So what do you think?  Looks much better now?  I could add more to the sea but nah, I don’t want the painting to look to confusing.  The point of the painting is the two pink flamingos and teddy bear.  Now I can sleep in peace!

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