Violet Jumpsuit

Happy New Year everyone! Praying for a much better year to come especially with health as well as fortune. Whilst the New Year was a bit of a non event, I turned it into a day of just painting which cheered me up and lightened up the dreary mood. Drawing cute characters and using bright vivid colors were some of the ways that helped.

Using Leftover Paint

And today, Little One is out and about in her magical garden. She wants to show you another one of her pretty outfits, a kawaii purple jumpsuit accessorized with a string of pearls! Unfortunately like everyone else she doesn’t get to go out and wear it. That said, she is happy to wait till things are back the normal and meanwhile is having so much fun just being able to try stuff on and dress up herself!

Using Leftover Paint

And here was the opportunity to paint about it! This time, I went for a series of leftover paint from various projects, starting from the face. This was then followed by gouache. As I was working on another painting, I had quite a lot of the paint left, and as you know, gouache is like acrylic paint in that unlike watercolor you cannot reuse them. And gouache is not cheap! Besides I love the strong vibrant appearance they give.

Keep Going

After the scribbly background I elaborated more by working on the hair, adding the eyes and the purple outfit. Flowers were then layered on. From a previous painting, I was pleased to discover that gouache can be layered over.

Finishing Touches

I then brightened up the background with lighter colors. With the gouache leftovers used up, I filled in the whites of the eyes with a white Uni Posca marker and dotted in the pearl necklace with some Nuvo Drops and here we are! Kawaii Little One in her pretty little violet jumpsuit! Isn’t she so sweet?

Though a quick and simple painting this time resulting from leftover mediums, this turned out to be quite amazing. I love the strong brilliant colors. They again bring positive vibes and stimulate great energy, something we all need during these difficult moments when life is static and sedate at the moment. Looking forward to painting more like this. Gouache is such a wonderful medium with which I should paint more often!

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