Year of the Ox

So anyone else out there not quite in a celebration mood although in just four hours it’s New Year’s Day? Due to lockdown and social distancing amid Covid, large gatherings are not allowed and all bars and restaurants are shut. Not to complain though; after weeks of unpacking and working on the new house, it’s great to take a little break and relax. I myself spent the day just relaxing and painting!

Getting the iPad Out

Today I began a large mixed media painting but somehow in the middle of the day felt like practicing on some digital art. And since it’s New Years, I of course went for that theme despite not feeling too enthusiastic about the coming of the new year. That said, maybe drawing something cute and whimsical would cheer me up a bit! 2021 is the Year of the Ox according to Chinese horoscope. So an ox I shall paint!

  • Background and Layer 1: Pink with some white Bokeh lights
  • Layer 2: Colorfill the shapes
  • Layer 2 also: Colorfill the ears and horns
  • Layer 3: Colorfill eyes and draw in the bell on neck
Working in Layers

Tweaking Around

Once I drew in the whites of the eyes in Layer 4, I was not happy with the shapes of the ears and face. Though cute, I felt they were too round and didn’t look anything like an ox! Tweaking was done by erasing and colorfilling or refining the edges by a pen.

Tweaking Around

Final Touch

I added the eyelashes first with a pen in light and dark brown, followed by some Fine Hair retouching tool. Then I went back to Layer 1 and tapped in some Flare in white. Back to the top Layer and I wrote 2021 in Lightbrush. And here we are now!

And here is my kawaii ox! I know it doesn’t really look like one, but it’s my version of it and resembles my style of work. Drawing this also made me happy which is the point of getting creative on an uneventful New Year’s Eve. 2020 was indeed a strange year. Hoping that we all have a better and healthier year ahead and a prosperous Year of the Ox!

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