Winter Coat & Earmuffs

Little Bunny Bear wants to show you her fancy new winter coat and matching earmuffs! She was hoping to don it as fancy dress for a New Years party but sadly looks like that’s not going to happen. 2020 has been such a weird year. We should be celebrating the end of it but firstly big gatherings are not allowed with the lockdown. And to be honest not even Bunny Bear is in the mood to party on with the somber atmosphere amid Covid. So the least I can do is paint her cutely posing in her kawaii outfit!

The Start

I was actually following a class by Juliette Crane for this painting: Then fifth and last project of Happy Painting Mini Course. And it was happy alright! I always enjoy her lessons because we get to play with different materials and see what we can come up with. In this lesson, Juliette demonstrates how we could develop our paintings by adding layer after layer. It’s what makes intuitive painting so exciting! I started with some paper napkin and wrapping paper collages and streaks of acrylic and India inks. Then filled in empty spaces with random splashes of colors and more collages!

The Start

Character Development

And once I was more inspired, I decided to outline my character. Initially I thought of making it cat. Once I began developing the negative space with some Teal Fluid Acrylic, though, I realized the cat’s ears were too round and the face too large. Rather than rectify it, I worked with it further. By then, I painted the face a mixture of Titanium White and Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold. And then on top of some of the Teal, piled on Light Phtalo Green heavy body acrylic but left traces of Teal. So is it a bear? Or bunny? How about a Bunny Bear!

Character Development

Further Developments

Although I found the teal and light green background very pretty, I was in the mood to experiment with layering a darker color on top. How about some Iridescent Violet from the Old Holland acrylic paint range? As you can see, I also left traces of the Teal and Light Green beneath. The face was then being developed with the eyes and rosy cheeks detailed in. I decided to loose the pout so covered it up then added the white collar.

Further Developments

Finishing it Up

Okay, let’s try another color on top of the Iridescent Violet. How about some Ultramarine Violet? I took the plunge and was amazed at how the transparency lit up all the colors below! The eyes were painted in with the lashes gone over with some glitter glue. I added a smaller pout and after some tweaking with the outfit, I think I was good to go!

Painting kawaii Bunny Bear actually cheered me up with all what’s been going on this year. Just looking at it gives me such energy and warmth during these colder months when couped up at home especially with the lockdown. With the vibrant colors stimulating a lot of positive vibes, we could all do with some happier thoughts. And now doesn’t Bunny Bear look oh so pretty and sweet in her flamboyant outfit? Painting her cheered her up too, and now she plans to wear her coat and matching earmuffs next New Years. So fingers crossed all settles down and becomes safe enough by then!

Click here for more about Juliette Crane and her fun classes!

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