Black Shift Dress

Oh my, Little One is very elegant today! It’s not often she wears black especially something as sophisticated as a sleeveless shift dress. And accessorized with just a pair of pearl earrings and a matching black handbag! Where is she off to today? Shops are closed under lockdown. Oh she was just visiting her friend for a mini tea party just the two of them. Lockdown can be quite boring so they decided to dress up for fun, how cute!

Start with a Collage

I was following Tracy Verdugo’s Story Painting Class again when I was inspired by Little One’s kawaii adventure. Now I’m on Chapter Three Lesson 3 Wanderlust Worlds. We begin by gathering all sorts of collage materials including torn book pages and inspiration bundles on a two-page sketchbook spread. As I have no books suitable for this purpose, I printed a page from an eBook. I also used an assortment of wrapping paper I have been collecting over time. Also rather than spread over two pages, the entire A3 page of Marabu’s Mixed Media sketchbook was used. We glue the collages on paper then look for bits of text that stand out and cover the rest with white gesso.

Starting with Collage

Phrases and words that came to my attention were:

  • Hurrying down determinedly
  • Large dark eyes, jet black hair
  • Sleeveless black cotton shift [dress]
  • Her only jewelry large pearl earrings
  • Old black Hermès Kelly bag
  • She was heading home… the perfect place

Painting the Picture

Much of the painting involved acrylic ink. We start by following the shapes or curves from our collages and work our way from there As you can see, I first went for the bottom half first using Antelope Brown, Phtalo Green amd Permanent Green. Little One was then sketched in with aquarelle pencil before filling the sky in with Marine Blue.

Painting the Picture

Where’s Little One?

Little One was drawn in using Sennelier’s Iridescent Ink Brush in black for her hair and dress. Then I painted the house on the right hand side of the sketchbook and doodled in some plants on the bottom with Molotow white acrylic marker. That same marker was also used to dot in the whites of the eyes.

Finishing it Off

Oops I nearly forgot the black Hermès handbag! Well Little One is not quite into bling. She prefers the plain but cute leather bag she had bought on sale a while back and treasures it dearly. Oh and the pearl earrings! They were dotted in with some Nuvo Drops. And we must not forget the cute white rounded collar! With some bright colored gouache I filled in the leaves and flowers. And here it is!

What a sweet inspirational painting, thanks to Tracy’s fun adventurous classes. Once again I enjoyed this session especially as it’s something unusual for me; it’s my first time creating a proper painting using texts from books for instance. You may have noticed I don’t use writings much in my artwork. As such, the lesson gave me another chance to go beyond my comfort zone. I’m very happy how it all turned out and will definitely be using this idea again soon! And now for a closer look of elegant Little One:

Click here for more on Tracy Verdugo and her amazing classes!

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