Another Kawaii Quartet

As you recall I have been working on a number of mini paintings whilst following a tutorial of Tracy Verdugo, Embracing Constrasts. The piece was then divided and cut into 12 smaller pieces from which I developed them further to create mini-paintings. I completed the first four as blogged in Kawaii Quartet I. And now I just gotten around to finishing the next four!

Here is the original piece before cutting it up to twelve pieces:

Embracing Contrasts

I selected the next four pieces randomly. Can you guess where they come from above? Some have been turned to another angle.

The Next Four Pieces

And the fun part begins! With some acrylic ink, gel pens and collages of origami paper and an old paper bag with flower patterns, I set about developing these one after the other. I had some flower and Japanese crane craft punches at hand and further got creative. And here we are!

Another Kawaii Quartet

Once again, it’s loads of fun getting creative like this. Best part is creating spontaneously within a small surface area. Whilst I am more accustomed to larger areas of at least A4 size, the challenge is being able to develop something compact. I love how they all turned out, all cute and sweet. Looking forward to working on the next four!

For a closer look of each of the mini paintings, please have a scroll down:

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