Kawaii Quartet I

Still a long way to go with clearing up my apartment to prepare for my move! From now, though, I decided to stop before dinner at 6pm and chill. Further clearout can wait till tomorrow, and meanwhile I can enjoy some quality time to get creative and work on my blogs! I wanted to share with you today some of the mini paintings I finished off following the tutorial with Tracy Verdugo Embracing Contrasts. Here is the whole painting of the contrasts, which was in the beginning divided into 12 equal parts to create mini paintings!

The Whole Picture

Being rather busy I managed to finish four out of the twelve but there is no rush! I’m working on them at my leisure and in between projects, or when I just want to quickly create something. Of the twelve are these four randomly selected ones I began working on after having cut them up. Can you match where they are in the whole picture?

Cut Out Mini Paintings

In each of the painting, I merely began filling in colours with acrylic ink or markers and adding collages or embellishments like glitter glue and sequins then adding some fine details with gel pens. The exercise is to be able to develop ideas from the unexpected and keep the creative juices flowing till you’re happy with the pieces. And here they are!

Kawaii Quartet I

That was indeed a relaxing and fun exercise! I don’t really get to work on paintings that tiny (approximately 15cm x 15cm) but it’s always good to do something different. Working in a small surface gives a different approach to painting by not only making everything compact but by also condensing the composition more as opposed to having to spread it out. Given my tight schedule these days, I’ll be working on more these mini paintings as they can be done in relatively short time. Looking forward to that!

For a closer look of each of the mini paintings, have a scroll down:


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