Two Ponies and a Doggy

On Instagram, I am following Dally and Spanky which are actually names of a dog and a pony. The photos are from pony trainers in the U.S. who use a unique method by getting their dogs to help out! I find that so cute, and there was one particular photo on IG which caught my attention. Boots, which is the name of another dog, is leaping between two horses. And here I was inspired to make a painting about it with my watercolours!

Credit: Instagram photo of Dally and Spanky

Pencil Sketch

I sketched my idea on a page from Strathmore’s Visual Journal for Watercolors. Of course it’s a bit different from the photo in terms of the positions of the ponies and also that the dog is a bit proportionately smaller. It’s supposed to be kawaii!

Pencil Sketch

Painting It Cute

For this painting, I used my Kuretake Gansai Tanbi set of Japanese watercolours. Quite a simple painting with the animals drawn all rounded and kawaii. This time, I decided to go for simplicity for a change. The background was painted in blue, and I used a brownish-grey shade for both ponies, and a metallic white for the doggy. Getting more accustomed to watercolours, I must say I was well pleased with the result!

Two Ponies and a Doggy

Lately, I have been preoccupied with preparing for my move, clearing out my apartment and deciding what should be kept, given away or disposed of. I have as a result been quite sporadic with painting and blogging but decided to promise myself to stop tidying up at 6pm and spend at least two hours everyday on creative work. Painting helps me relax and unwind and as such I can’t wait to being creative again!

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