Healthy Glow

Fun with black paper again! The other day, I was in the mood to create something simple and quick yet alternative from the norm. Using black paper creates an interestingly different effect with colours than when used on white paper, making them pop out more even to the point of glowing. You see this with chalk on blackboards for instance. As such, I thought it would be a fun idea to experiment black paper with coloured pencils! Here I used Holbein’s Artists Colored Pencils which also include an abundant range of pastel shades. Those ought to really stand out on black paper!

Coloured Pencils on Black Paper

I also incorporated coloured pencils from a set of Staedler’s Ergosoft. And what are the first things that come to mind? Little One of course! How could we forget? And whilst we have the pretty colours at hand, flowers are another thing that crops up. The more colour variety the better! And so I proceeded in drawing Little One first with flowers in her hair like a headband. Then came the flowers. I had not planned on making a cascade of them like I did here but I had so much fun experimenting I didn’t want to stop! About her hair, I was pleasantly surprised to see how well the browns turned out here, The red in the tulips too was another unexpected result since I always expect it’s only the pastel shades, along with white, that come out well.

Healthy Glow

I’m well pleased with the result which turned out even better than expected. Doesn’t Little One look so adorable even in the dark? And I love how she glows. Too cute to be scary nevertheless! Next time, I would like to try paint given I’ve used paint pens and acrylic markers already. The paper, though, is not thick enough and may warp so I have been thinking of coating a thicker paper of at least 300 gsm and firstly coating it with black gesso. Something to keep in mind! Meanwhile, I shall enjoy the coloured pencils on black paper.

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