Garden of Mystery

Just a quick digital sketch I made on my iPad the other day trying to experiment with painting on a black background. A few weeks ago, I successfully created a cute sketch on black paper using coloured pencils in Healthy Glow. Just thought I’d give it a shot digitally, starting with some clouds, flowers and water patterns pre-set by the Procreate app.

Black Background

The rest was simple. I just drew in some kawaii little animals like bunnies and a bear using some bright coloured chalk pastels. Feeling more could be added, I went back to the background layer and added more flowers. Then finally I dotted in some red hearts. Personally I would have preferred the end-result on actual black paper, but still the effect is quite cool. Always good to experiment with various mediums available even digitally!

This was just another quick and easy piece today, but I’ve been so busy lately with preparing for moving homes and thus not able to spend as much time painting as much as I want to. Never mind, the day will come when I’m better settled! That may be weeks or even months but I’ll get there. Just spending an hour or so getting creative and thinking of cute things keep me going.

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