Magic Across the Garden

As you know, we found our dream home a few weeks ago. Very exciting times! One of the things that made the house so attractive was the back garden. Not only is it a perfect size (not too small not too big) and well maintained, but the back of it is bordered with a brook at the edge and overlooks a huge farm. And wait for this… you can even see a barn across the brook, where cows apparently come and go! Having been born and raised in a big city, this is very different and unusual for me. I can’t wait to be alongside nature like that!

Pencil Sketch

And of course I had to paint about it! For this, I thought watercolours would be perfect, as they capture the natural dreamy effect. And so appeared my set of Kuretake Gansai Tanbi watercolours and Strathmore’s Visual Journal for Watercolors. First I made a pencil sketch in which me and boyfriend are standing in the garden facing the farm and watching some cows walk around the field. It’s the first time for me to sketch an image of our backs turned. Great to go for something totally different!

Kawaii Pencil Sketch

Painting Away!

As usual, I painted the background first. The garden is not entirely grass. Near the edge are mainly wood chips, and there is a wooden patio and path leading to the edge. I added the pots of flowers as a random detail. The cows, of course, are in a whimsical anime style to look cute like we do!

Background Painting

Once the background was painted, I proceeded with the rest. In some areas especially the smaller details, I used some watercolor brush pens such as ZIG Clean Color also by Kuretake. And here we are!

We’re now so excited about moving to the new place and can’t wait to settle in! In the warmer months, I am hoping to paint and draw more outside in the garden. What a magical scenery to face! There is so much beautiful nature at the convenience of our backyard. I should also like to do more watercolor and hoping to make some time to do it during my busy schedule of preparing for the move. What’s stopping me!

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