Together Forever!

So yes, my boyfriend and I decided to buy a house and move in together! We’ve been in a relationship for a few years now but I was weary of losing my independence and being a big city girl had my reservations about settling in the quiet countryside. For years now, I would stay in Amsterdam and travel up on weekends to see him. It got very tiring trying to juggle two lives at once, and I was getting increasingly stressed and irritable but I still didn’t want to part with my nice apartment here. Then COVID-19 happened. Starting the first week of March when we were back from our Japan trip, I ended up staying at his place with the fear of sudden lockdown and not being able to see each other. Well they say that this crisis could make or break relationships. It gave us a chance to test our relationship further and see if we are both ready to take it to the next level. Well I guess we both passed the test and we’re both so excited about spending the rest of our lives together!

Love is in the Air!

And so I was itching to draw about it. These days with the time we’ve been spending looking for a new house and clearing out our present ones, I haven’t managed to find ample time as I want with painting. Not to worry, I shall have all the time in the world once we settle in our new place soon enough I hope! I have decided to set aside two hours daily getting creative during my busy schedule to give me some down time. That was his idea, and it’s working! And so I grabbed my iPad and stylus and scribbled away. First came the red hearts in charcoal followed by pink hearts with airbrush.

And who Can They Be?

More hearts were added, this time using some pre-set patterns by the Procreate app. Then I sprinkled some light pink spray paint around the screen before painting in boyfriend and myself using acrylic paint. Looks a bit strange now, but wait till you see the rest!

And who can they be?

Yes it’s Us!!

And now I completed the painting using some retouching for hair and gel pens. Quite a simple one today, but very sweet and lively.

Together Forever!

We have in fact found our dream house but nothing is definite till we sign the dotted line! The process leading up to the move will be quite a strenuous process and planning logistics is quite a challenge. Another challenge is relocating to and adjusting to life in the middle of the Dutch countryside! Well I actually enjoyed my three months with the peace and quiet, and to be honest I’ve had enough of Amsterdam. City has changed for the worse the past few years with massive tourism and living costs surging. Tourists are gone for now, but they will be back in no time once the Crisis settles. Meanwhile, I can’t wait till we settle in and get our lives back together! Exciting times.


  1. Hi to YOU BOTH. Congratulation on your Newer life Forever Decision to be Together forever. I pray i would make this decision too. See I love my beautiful home and independence… after this cov 19 i do feel vv lonely. All the Best. Have an amazing day and every day…

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    1. Thank you for your kind words and thoughts. Could be lonely at times but I hope you are still enjoying your independence and making the most of it. Everything has advantages and downsides. Just enjoy life!! And you have a good day too and stay safe!! 🙏 ❤️


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