Kitty and Doggy

Sharing with you one of the paintings I developed from one of Ana’s FB tutorials. A few days ago, we made some prints using cling film which was featured in Kill the Virus! I managed to create a few prints from that, but for this painting I’ve used the first one that was “off the press”.

Cling Film Print

What is Hidden?

One of the first things I noticed was a snout on the left hand side. Initially I thought it could be a pig or cow but as I saw a pointed triangle and that the head was more a shape of a cat, I got very excited. I love cats! Then once I began tracing my steps, I then saw another potential animal hidden on the right corner! Could that be a dog? These shapes were then carefully drawn in using a white chalk pencil. Once I was happy with my findings, I decided to create a negative space with these shapes and paint the background green.

Getting There

Creating Detail

For the green, I used Golden Fluid Acrylic in Permanent Green Light which gives this pretty emerald shade. Once I was done and the paint became dry, I proceeded in adding the details. The eyes were the crucial part. Firstly, I made a drawing with my chalk pencil, then traced over it with Relief Paint in gold, a new product I got hold of. This thick paint comes in a tube with a small opening and comes out smoothly and precisely, suitable for even writing. For the lashes I used some gold glitter glue, Stickles by Rangers. Whites of the eyes were then done with white acrylic marker and gel pen.

Mediums Used

This gold Relief Paint was also used for the whiskers. In order to draw the dog, I traced my line with white gel pen and dotted in the eyes. I decided to leave the green background plain without adding any doodles as I normally would do. The patterns from the cling film print came out so interesting that I didn’t want to distract our eyes from that. And here is the amazing result.

It is incredible what one can develop from a random print. The cling film helped produce a beautiful mixture of paints, and it’s so much fun figuring out the next step, It’s almost like a puzzle! I can’t wait to work on my ghost prints from this exercise.

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