Pink Moon

This early morning at 4:30 our time apparently appeared the Super Pink Moon. Unfortunately I missed it. It’s the full moon that appears in the spring. And why is it called pink? Allegedly they are actually orange and red tints caused by dusty particles in the Earth’s atmosphere. Packets of light, known as protons pass through the atmosphere thereby giving a pink tone! Knowing I would never be able to wake up for this spectacular view, I decided last night that I would paint one instead. And what fun that was!

Gelli Printing

The first thing I had in mind was returning to some Gelli printing. I have a round plate which I’ve printed from before and remember the interesting textures are created when combining acrylic with paint with ink. Here I squeezed two shades of pink paint and a few drops of fluorescent pink ink and spread them with a a squeegee and a brayer. The print came out great, and I even managed to make two ghost prints afterwards which of course I will be using another time, Paper used was an A3 piece from Canson’s Mixed Media pad.

Gelli Printing!

Six Shades of Blue

Being at lost as to what background I should go for, I thought I’d start doodling a bit with some white and yellow oil pastels to create some stars from the solar system. These pastels are water resistant so when I apply paint over them, their drawings will show through. Then I gathered all the blue shades of my acrylic inks and began painting some shapes.

Six Shades of Blue

Crazy Solar System

I spent the afternoon today working on this painting, adding layers of shapes and streaks randomly using all the blue inks I have. It’s not often that one gets to work with different tints and tones of the same colour to create a painting, If anything, I was amazed how many variety of shades we have for inks although I was using two different brands. At the same time, I worked on the pink moon by patting on some modelling paste and more light pink and fluorescent pink with a small sheet of bubble wrap. After a few doodles using my white acrylic marker, Nuvo Drops and blue and white 3D liners (Sennelier) , I was happily done!

What a fun session that was, just doodling away and trying out the different shades of blues. It was also great to go back to using stuff I haven’t for a while, in this case the Gelli Printing plates. Now that I’ve gotten two ghost prints from the Gelli, I now have more projects to work on! Let’s see what creative stuff we could come up with from them…


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