Bunny in the Pink Moon

Enjoying your Easter weekend but staying safe? Today is Easter Sunday so another bunny painting! Remember earlier this week appeared the Pink Moon? It was 4:30 am when it happened and unfortunately not wanting to wake up especially for that, I missed it. Instead I thought I’d paint about it instead using my creative imagination! I painted my first one a few days ago, but since I had extra paint and a ghost print of the moon, I thought I’d use it and this time do something cute like incorporating a rabbit.

So what’s the connection between moon and rabbits? According to Japanese folklore, there exists a rabbit in the moon! The moon apparently has some visible markings on the surface that resembles a rabbit pounding some rice cakes. I’ve yet to have noticed it, but what a cute story! And what better timing is this to combine it with an Easter theme by adding bunnies too!

Using a Ghost Print

A ghost print is when one repeats printing from the original press. In this case, I also came up with several ghost prints when I was using my Gelli printing plate to create my little moon for my Pink Moon painting. For this, I used another large A3 paper but by Talens (300 gsm)

Ghost Print

Another Crazy Background

I thought two bunnies rather than one would be fun and also add some balance in terms of composition. After a pencil sketch, I went ahead with painting the background, using a variety of mediums. In the last Pink Moon painting, I used different kinds of blue colours, hence cool tones. Perhaps it would be an idea this time to go for warm tones for a change. Let’s go for yellow!

  1. It’s been some time since stenciling and also using Distress Inks. And thus for the corners, I stenciled in a pattern of angular shapes to contrast with the round-shape of the moon
  2. For the rest of the background, I smeared some yellow Ecoline ink with a wet wipe, being careful not to go over the borders of the moon and the bunnies.
  3. Once the inks were all dry, I began randomly doodling bits and pieces of circles, squiggles and stars using some orange shades of India Ink. The iridescent ink in Salmon also worked well. All by Dr. Ph Martin’s Bombay Ink.
Another Crazy Background

Adding the Bunnies and More

I’m now ready to paint the bunnies! Given that the background and the moon are bright colours, I thought painting them a dark colour would add some accent. Payne’s Grey was a great choice, a colour I had discovered during the Art Mojo workshop last January. A great substitute for the rather harsh black, Payne’s Grey has a wonderful charcoal shade with a tinge of blue.

Adding more colours

Once I painted in the bunnies, I drew in the eyes using Antelope Brown ink followed by white acrylic ink. Just a bit more doodles in the background was further added using some glitter glue and Sennelier’s 3D liner in orange. I felt some texture could make the painting even prettier. And now….

Another fun illustration painting using various mediums. It’s always fun to try them all out and see what works best. I also felt the colour scheme of this painting went very well; the contrast between warm and cool tones and bright and dark colours are well-balanced here. And the bunnies are so cute! Now I have yet another Pink Moon ghost print to work with and look forward to figuring out what other kawaii ideas would come to mind…

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