Strangers in the Night

Today I’m sharing with you a quick piece I created from one of Ana’s tutorials. Two of them actually! Some weeks ago we made some prints using cling film as outlined in a previous post Kill the Virus. I made two paintings based on the original print and the first ghost print. Recently, Ana had another idea of painting whilst listening to some music, one of them being Frank Sinatra’s “Strangers in the Night” thereby creating a painting based on that theme.

The 2nd ghost print using cling film

When I looked at this print, first thing I noticed was a guy in a dark coat and hat standing on the right. My eyes then wandered across and I imagined a face possibly accompanied by a long multicolored dress. It’s like the woman was walking and suddenly gets approached by a strange man, thereby startling her!

And so with a pencil, I lightly sketched my idea. Once I was happy with it, I went about tracing over the pencil with my bamboo stick dipped in black India Ink. That’s it, nothing further to add since I wanted the colours from the ghost print to still be focal point.

It’s wonderful being able to do a quick and easy painting for a change! Another thing I enjoy is figuring out what to do with random paintings and prints like this and getting creative. It keeps the mind going, like a puzzle!

Other Paintings from the Print

If you’ve missed or need to look back on past paintings I made from this cling film print, here goes:

Blog about using original print: Kitty and Doggy

Blog about using first ghost print: Little Critters

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