Little Critters

Sharing with you another painting I developed from the cling film print introduced in of Ana’s FB tutorials, as featured in Kill the Virus! I managed to create a few prints from that exercise, and for this painting I’ve used a ghost print.

Cling Film Printing

Starting from a Ghost Print

A ghost print is when one repeats printing from the original press. As the paint was quite thickly applied even the ghost print looked quite abundant. Here, I rotated the paper to landscape to discover two main animals hidden. They resembled mice or hamsters, and after a while I decided to identify them as critters!

Ghost Print

Discovering More

I therefore thought a negative space piece out of this would suit best as well. This time, a complimentary shade like light yellow was chosen for the background. Whilst I did manage to find two animals lying side by side, other little ones cropped up. Little cute mini critters. I firstly coated with white gesso the dark areas to be painted over, then once dry painted with Golden Fluid Acrylic in Yellow Hansa Light. Finally I doodled in the eyes with white acrylic marker and gel pen. Easy Peasy!

Little Critters

I’m beginning to get the hang of discovering hidden creatures in prints and paintings and having fun with it. Now I’ve got another three ghost prints to work from. Would be curious to see what else I could create from them. So watch this space!

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