Tropical Jungle

At the end of last month I completed a very colorful floral painting that as usual began as intuitive art. I was simultaneously working on the Rainbow Project then, and once again was “dumping” my excess paint on another pad of paper from which another painting was developed.

The Beginning

I started with the Magenta fluid acrylic which had been used in the Rainbow Project. Longing to avoid colours from the rainbow, I stuck to pinks and then added some orange acrylic ink, a combination I never have done before. First thing that came to mind was that I’d definitely do a floral theme!

Starting Out

Adding More

As you gathered, I was happily working my way through this painting, excitedly layering inks one on top of the other and enthusiastically doodling flowers as well as other shapes. Other mediums I went for included gouache (Holbein’s Acryla), gluing scraps of origami paper and stamping small flowers with Distress Oxide.

Adding More

Look at my Jungle!

I continued working on my Jungle. Final touches were added using white acrylic markers to resurrect some white spaces in the painting. And now I can say I’m very proud of it!

It was a lot of fun doing this painting. One of those sessions when you just keep going and going which really shows in the work. Obviously, we are all needing some mind stimulation and colour in our lives during these difficult times having to stay home. I’d definitely like to do some more like this!

Enjoy my Flowers!

And to go a step further, it’s also an idea to take the painting apart visually and admire each part. I like photographing the parts and making a collage out of them. In this case, I made a gallery so you can scroll through each and enjoy!

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