Bunny Blues

Now that I’m back from vacation in Italy, I have loads to catch up on!  I had no time to paint at all, let alone even sketch, and I’ve also got a backlog of previous work to blog on.  No stress.  Just keep the stories coming.  And I can hardly wait till I start getting creative again!  The break certainly helped clear my mind, and I can now ease myself back.  Looking forward to it!  So today, I wanted to to share a cute painting I did about a month ago using a “ghost print” of one of my Gelli plates.

Ghostly Background

A “ghost print” refers to a second or third print from the original plate.  It’s one of the ways in which I recycle the ink rather than wiping it off which would be a waste.  As you can see, I’m still trying to get the knack of properly printing with a Gelli plate!  The original print can be seen in one of my previous work.  Ghost printing was also done using the rubber stamp with the leaves design.  Here, I used pink Distress Oxide ink on a pad of Strathmore’s Mixed Media paper.


Painting the Bunny

For this painting, I decided to draw a cute bunny since in the original print, we already have Little One and her BF, more precisely me and him!  I decided to keep it cute and simple and began outlining using some acrylic marker.  Then I filled it in using acrylic paint combing some white, blue and a bit of fluorescent blue to give it some vividness.  Unfortunately, I managed to smudge a bit of the paint on the side but not to worry.


Adding to the Background

I firstly managed to cover up the smudged blue paint with some flower shapes!  Some were cut out on scrap origami washi paper using a craft punch.  Then rather than just add one flower, I thought why not three and have them scattered around?  That led me to adding some more plants to fill in the white gap on the bottom by stenciling in some leaves with green Distress Oxide.  I finally added some bubble wrap imprints with the pink ink and now I am good to go!


Such a simple but kawaii painting.  Again, I decided not to draw the face in.  Leave it “faceless” and give it a more silhouette effect to add some mystery to it.  I’m well pleased with it, especially with the light colours to brighten up the increasingly dreary autumn days.  Now I’m really excited to go back to some more painting!

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