Little Friends

Little One is taking her little friend and her teddy bear for a stroll in the fields. We all love little teddy bears! As mid-autumn approaches, they are making the most of it before the cold winter draws nearer. I made a special piece for this, wanting to try more Distress Ink imprints and drawing over them with coloured pencils and watercolor.

Ink Background

The piece started from a scrap watercolor paper on which I had been wiping off some green ink from one of my stencils for cleaning. Then with some Distress Oxide, a variety of rubber stamps were used followed by a small triangular Gelli plate. Those tiny flowers are so cute!

Colour Pencil Drawing

Once the inks were dry, I lightly sketched my drawing firstly with graphite pencil. I then traced over the outline with some coloured pencils. This time I used a set of Staedler’s Ergosoft pencils. Drew in the hair as well to give it a streaky look once watercolor is later applied.

Painting them Pretty

Rather than watercolor paint, I actually used water-soluble coloured pencils. A set of Caran d’Ache’s Prismalo pencils were sitting in my drawers ready to be used after some time. And now!

Once again, I was experimenting and wanting to try coloured pencils over some ink. It is also the first time using rubber stamps on their own as background. All worked well, I must say! The transparent effect of the coloured pencils, along with the aquarelle version, is really cool. And of course, always a pleasure to draw kawaii little characters for fun!

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