Back to Winter Time

From this weekend, more precisely since very early this morning, we are now on Winter Time. Had to switch our clocks an hour back. I guess the only good thing about this is that we get an extra hour’s sleep but as for the rest, it’s just a reminder of the dark dreary days to come. No wonder I was in such a foul mood much of today.

So tense and down in dumps I was that even my effort to paint today was affected. Tried to work on a drawing but it got ruined by a failed attempt at Gelli Plate printing, not just once but a few times! Grrrr and how difficult is it to print from it?? Obviously my mind was not with it. I guess we all have such days from time to time…

So after the ordeal I somewhat succeeded and made a decent-looking print as background but now at loss as to the next step. Can’t get inspired for the time being. I’ll have to leave it alone now, sleep over it and continue tomorrow. Put it all away. Stay away from the table for now. Instead, I ended up digging out my iPad and opening the Sketches App to draw how I really felt today!

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