Another old drawing that’s been further pimped up! This one was also from about a year ago as well. At the time I began with art, I used just felt markers and coloured pencils before I was confident enough to start painting. Luckily I was clever enough to invest on a set of good professional pens, namely Faber Castell’s Pitt Artists Pens. I had no idea back them that they were that good: permanent, waterproof, anti-acid and colourfast. Anyhow here is what I drew then:

Merely practicing to draw cute little animals in this case cats, dogs and bunnies. But now I figured something extra could be added, such as a colourful background and some other cute details around it. Began by a blue wash using Dr Ph. Martin’s liquid watercolours diluted in water. Sorry for the bad quality pic lol.

Then to frame it a bit more and add some dimension, I brushed some blue acrylic ink on the edges and added some light blue acrylic ink to close the gap between the background colour and outlines of the the subjects.

The rest of the piece involved randomly doodling some small hearts, flowers and squiggles using a range of coloured acrylic ink pens and white Uni Posca pen. With some leftover gold acrylic paint from another painting am working on, I scraped some on using an old credit card. Then stamped on turquoise Distress Ink with a small sheet of bubble wrap. And here…

Now what a difference it all makes! Looks less lonely and much more lively. As my instincts proved correct, I’m also glad I made it a blue background since the subjects really pop out and the scenery appears to be a sunny sky. And it seems like the small animals are happily in harmony. And feeling safe with each other. As such, I think I should like to call this piece Sanctuary.

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