More Monster Cats!

Meow!  Another cat piece.  And more monster cats indeed with Halloween along the way!  About three weeks ago, I found a pen illustration from a year ago and decided to pimp it up by adding some colours and collages as outlined in my blog Monster Cat!  I then found another cats illustration in the same sketchbook.  This time, it was already coloured in with Faber-Castell’s Pitt Artist Pen, looking great.  However, I felt more could been added.  So I decided to pimp this one as well!

IMG_3380Again, a bit of a visually incorrect drawing with the cats looking proportionately huge!  So yes, more monster cats.  I filled in the sky, ground and front house with watercolour, more precisely using Dr. Ph Martin’s liquid watercolour and spreading the pigment with a wet brush.  But before that, I wet the area first with water to prevent the colour from spreading to unwanted areas.

IMG_3322The ground was then stencilled in with cat patterns using Distress Ink and sponge.  I then added some details with acrylic pens and doodled in some clouds and plants using some white Uni Posca pens.  Compared to the other drawing, I felt not much more was really needed as the houses were already colourful.  And now:

IMG_3327I’ve been finding old pieces of illustrations lately and wanting to work further on them. Shows how much I’ve developed my skills and been picking up different methods to create interesting pieces.  By the same token, it’s been a long while since using Faber-Castell’s markers to colour my drawings as I’ve been so focussed on painting!  I should make it a note to come back to it from time to time and incorporate it in my mixed media work or alone as simple illustration like before.  Apparently, these pens are waterproof, acid-free, pH-neutral and highly lightfast.  I wonder why I have been keeping them on the shelf so long…

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