Jurassic Mouse

Last weekend we went for a walk in the neighbourhood, the Dutch countryside where my boyfriend lives.  There we came across a tiny little field mouse on the path.  She was ever so cute!!  Well as as long as she stays away from our house haha.

So what did I do as soon as I got to his place?  Sketched one!  I haven’t done a proper pencil sketch (dessin) for quite a while especially using a range of different pencil types so I thought I’d do a simple one.  Though a simple drawing, I decided to go to the fullest and dig out my Caran D’ache Graphite 15 Line which come in a range from from 4H to 9B.  They’re great to use!

IMG_2410Ok so it looks nothing like the mouse we saw because the one we came across had a rounder body with a very long tail, I came to realise.  Even my boyfriend had to outline one on a scrap piece of paper to remind me.  Cute but looks quite prehistoric, he implied.  I had to laugh as he was right!  But still I like to draw what comes to mind and stuff what I’d imagine would, or even should, look like.

In future, I’ll try and remember to draw a proper mouse as we had seen it.  Because that was also cute!  So for now, I’ll just share with you my little prehistoric mouse, which I’ll call Jurassic Mouse.

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