Practising again some ink spray and stencilling techniques.   Actually it started off with me trying out the ink spray for the first time.  It was the Mica spray by Dylusions in Bubble Gum Pink, and I must say it looked rather cool.  I was not sure what to do with it so I left it on the table for a few days and come back to it.


A few days later, I grabbed some fireworks stencils and firstly used some old make up sponge with Dylusions acrylic paint in Lavender.  This I discovered was not very clever as the paint tended to bleed as the paint was too fluid.  I tried the same method with some tubes of acrylic paint which come in a slightly thicker consistency.


But alas, the same results.  As you can see with the orange which came out worse with the smaller stencil shapes.  Then I took a leaf from another artist, Traci Bautista and adjusted it to my way, by spreading some turquoise blue paint on the top right corner with an old credit card, placing the stencil on top and smudging the colour, but that didn’t go down too well.  I then managed to disguise the mistake by applying some Lemon Yellow paint on top and carefully spreading it with a hard brush.  Well, not too bad, and maybe need more practice.  In the end, I concluded that spraying would be most effective so I grabbed the Mica Spray in Cut Grass but oops, the stencil itself was much smaller than the paper of course and I managed to spray around and outside the intended area.

IMG_2356But not to stress.  I had a look at the result and came to the idea to draw a small silhouette of a cat perched on a wall amidst the surrounding fireworks.  I firstly traced the cat with some charcoal pencil and filled it in with some Black paint mixed with Moulding paste for some thickness and texture.  Drew in the whiskers with some black gel pen.  And now!

IMG_2388 I left the painting as it was and felt there was nothing else I wanted to add.  So now a simple experiment turned to another simple painting!  Am not too bothered now with the botched bits in the stencilling as I was merely trying to see what methods worked best and that rather than throw away and waste the effort, I ought to recreate it.

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