Happy Birthday, HJ!

Haven’t been in the best mood recently (women issues) but then only yesterday was different.  It was my boyfriend’s birthday!  And why I took a day off from blogging.  The day before I wanted to make a kawaii painting for him but wasn’t having a good day which was a bit of trial and error but in the end, I was able to create something.  My third attempt….

IMG_8078Took a mixture of purple and yellow acrylic and drew hearts and birthday cake although it turned out more red.  Then brushed some gesso over it for a smudgy effect whilst allowing paint to show through.

IMG_8079Then took some oil pastels and tried to draw 56 red balloons (shh…. so guess how old he is now lol) but wasn’t quite happy with it so took a green oil pastel and drew some circles.  Frustrated, I took some light green pastel and just scribbled away.  I really wasn’t in a good mood, was I?  Couldn’t focus too well…. women problems eh.

IMG_8081All I wanted to do was to make my boyfriend happy.  He keeps telling me the way to make him happy is for me to be happy.  I wanted to make something cute and sweet for him.  So painted a drawing of him in blue.  His birthday so he’s wearing a crown.  Next to him is me, drawn in magenta.  Drew hearts around us…  I’m still crying a bit but not giving up.  Take a break now and again.

IMG_8082Well I guess it’s not so bad when you paint the surroundings in bright yellow and some white.  Let the patterns from the oil pastels show through, and the underlying hearts and birthday cake.  Now we’re getting there…. mixed some neon blue with blue shimmer and painted in the crown and robe.  Did the same for myself but mixing neon pink with pink shimmer.   For the hearts, I filled them in white.  Combined the paints with some gel medium for some translucency.

But hmmm…. I wanted some metallic sheen in the outlines of us so went over the outline in the shimmer paints.  Added the eyes and buttons and painted my hair.  Getting happier now…


To finish it off I poked the background yellow with some neon green paint and also “stamped” the paint with some crumpled up kitchen paper.  Amazingly, the neon green did not look too neon and overwhelm the painting.  All you need is a bit and dilute it with water and gel medium.

I guess when you’re not with it, just take a break.  Perhaps you’re not focussed because you had a rough day, and that’s ok.  Just come back later and continue fresh with some inspiration and more positive thoughts.    And everything will gel in.

We may like to frame this and hang it in our bedroom to remind us of that.  And of course, to commemorate his birthday.  Happy Birthday, sweetie…

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