Player and Groom

Developed from a pencil sketch I had made at last Sunday’s polo match in Germany 🇩🇪 Here I used a set of brown-scale coloured artist’s pencils🎨

I totally enjoy practicing drawing the challenging but moreover developing my own style. Most sketch as close to reality as possible but I like to go a step further and make the subjects as kawaii as possible. Adds character and certainly something unique!

So once happy with the initial sketch, I decided to go ahead and colour! The previous sketch from the same match was all in plain graphite pencils so I thought making it in colour would be a nice change.

I went for a set of brown-scale Polycolor 12 by Koh-I-Noor. There is also a set in grey-scale, and I have been using them in combination with each other to get a warm and cool tone contrast. However this time I wanted to stick to brown only. I liked how it gave some continuity and gave a consistent warm tone without overdoing it. As illustrated, the brown on the horse and dark brown on the straps are not as warm and hence plays the tone down somewhat.

Proportions of the characters, especially the horse, were originally unintentional as I do struggle with that. But I must admit that it turned out really manga-like and kawaii!

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