Almost Goal!

During last Sunday’s polo match in Germany, I made two pencil sketches.  It rained on and off, unfortunately, which means that I couldn’t focus well with raindrops falling on my sketchbook and getting everything wet.  But I had the ideas fresh in my mind.  Did the preliminary sketches and figured I could work on it more at home.  This is the first one.  Tomorrow (I hope) I will post up the other one.


Was best started with circles and squares and working my way to the shapes then once satisfied, erasing the circles and squares before shading.


When I got home I continued and decided to add some cuteness by filling in the horses with the “duo penotti” pattern and another one with “salt and pepper”, two of the horse breeds I really thought were unusual.


I could’ve made the horses a bit bigger to fill in the paper space.  First planned on drawing more horses but thought nah, so left it as was.  Maybe next time I will keep that in mind… either draw more horses or draw them bigger.  Not to worry, practice makes perfect!

img_7724Everything in the sketch was purely by pencil but of different graphite lead content ranging from 4H to 9B to demonstrate varying intensity.  I recommend Caran d’Ache’s 15 Graftwood Graphite Line.  A bit pricey but great quality and besides you can tell the pencils apart easily as they are colour coded.  Comes handy in a can with a sponge on the inner lid so no damage done.

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