Weeping over Window (in Color)

Not ranting over anything right now but more like developing a drawing I had made a month or so ago about a rant sketch! At the time, I made a pen sketch about my distress and panic over a window in our attic leaking water from a heavy rainstorm. My BF was away at the time which made me feel a bit helpless but I of course managed to deal with it in the end. When I finished sketching it, I left it as it was without coloring it in as I was not yet ready to decide what to do with it and yet wanted to share the drawing and write about it. It was not till a few days ago that I thought what a good idea it would be to give it a shot at coloring!

The Sketch

So which sketch was it? On a page from Strathmore’s Visual Journal for Mixed Media, I made my pen sketch as per Weeping over Window. Thankfully, it was a waterproof permanent black ink as it would make it easier to paint around it!

The Painting

A variety of mediums were used for this including acrylic ink for the background and the window frames. For the rest, though, I went primarily for watercolors by Kuretake Gansai Tanbi and Derwent’s Pastel shades range. Fo my face, Caran d’Ache’s Neocolor II in Salmon and for the hair two shades of aquarelle pencils by Derwent were chosen and spread with a wet brush for a soft look. Then random touch ups were made with colored pencils. And here we are!

Whether or not to alter a hard-earned pen sketch to a colored-in painting is not an easy decision. Both look great in their own ways. Without color and simply sketched, then it looks more expressive as the lines emphasize the emotions. With color, though, it’s more visual and illustrative. I nevertheless have photos of both so can easily switch around to look at them. And next, I would like to challenge myself to a digital art version of it on Procreate. Let’s see how it will all turn out!

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