Weeping Over Window

Oh dear, how typical. When my boyfriend was out of town for a few days earlier this month, we had a leakage on one of our roof windows in the attic, his TV room. It was only by chance I noticed it when I went up to vacuum and clean. A puddle of water appeared in one corner of the room underneath our Dyson’s humidifier. Was it from the humidifier? Nope. That was switched off. I looked up and noticed the window next to it was leaking from the sides. Although the bamboo wooden floor was spared, the window sill was all soaked, including the stuff sitting on it such as one of my poor Hello Kitty plushies (she was ok just a bit wet. The past few days we had constant torrential rain which seeped through from the side of the opening. Great, I thought, that rainy weather was expected to continue for the coming week. I now had to find a bucket to place under the leakage but it proved of little use since rather than dripping, the water was rolling down the frame as if the window were crying. Naturally I panicked and called my boyfriend who was out in the ski slopes in Austria.

He sounded quite calm about it compared to me and gave me the number of the company that installed the window. I took it on from there. But what a hassle it was; just when I was looking forward to a relaxing few days home alone, I now needed to make numerous phone calls and beg someone to come over immediately have a look at the damage during their busy schedule. Finally I was able to get someone which was reassuring. And during that ordeal, I grabbed my sketchbook and black markers to express how I was feeling: in panic, helpless, inconvenienced, frustrated and even annoyed. Making kawaii sketches like this, though, even during distress certainly helps. A bit of a stressful few days then but we got the issue sorted, and luckily the window is still under warranty and we are insured for the damage on the window sill. Now trying to decide whether or not I should color this pen sketch or leave it. Maybe I’ll import it on my Procreate and color it all in, we shall see!

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