Happy Christmas 2022!

And here is my third and final part to my Christmas-themed digital painting trilogy! Discovered another handy tool on Procreate, and that is being able to copy parts of a painting and pasting onto another canvas. This is made possible by selecting the layers you want to copy and then dragging your finger to the main menu and onto the canvas of your choice. How cool is that! And here is my wonderfully bright and glowing Christmas Tree!

Copy and Paste

In the last painting, I copied and pasted the angel from the first set, Twin Angels and developed something cute from there. This one will now involve the Christmas Tree with which I will be replacing the angels with the Little One version of me and boyfriend! After copying the tree from the original painting, I changed the canvas from square to landscape with a neutral color background.

Introducing Us

With the angels were replaced by us, we’re now dressed a Santas! How sweet is that. First I switched the background to something entirely different, a bright violet. Then the faces were drawn with the usual Medium Airbrush. Note how the auto-shape was also used to create the perfect ovals. Our Santa outfits were filled in red with the Wax Stick from the FTOON Crayon set of brushes (purchased add-on). To make it easier to make alterations if needed, a separate layer was assigned for each shape, Looking good so far!

Adding Details

And now the eyes. Another go with the auto-shape to create perfectly oval eyes for us. Filled my pair with brown then added a layer to incorporated the whites of the eyes with the same applied to his pair only his were in blue instead of brown. For my lashes I went for New Fine Liner in dark brown before tracing over the lashes on another layer with Glitter Sketch Pen from the Gold Rush set of brushes (purchased add-on). Then my pearls and his buttons were dotted on with Neon Tube from the Lights set of brushes (also purchased add-on). If you’re interested to know, these add-on brushes are available on-line with Creative Market.

Finishing Touches

Once I was happy with how the subjects were looking, I merged the layers together but separately for me and him. Both of us were then enlarged to fill the canvas more. The tree was slightly expanded as well. Then I realised I had forgotten to incorporate the pom poms on the end of our hats and thought I’d do something creative: drew a circle with a Neon Tube brush, added a layer and covered it with Curly and Short Fur from another add-on brush set Zakirov Fur Brushes before switching the blending mode to Color Dodge. Finally, the background: Just a sprinkle of gold Glitter Confetti from the Gold Rush set. Keep it simple again. And now we’re all done!

And here concludes the Christmas series for this year! Unfortunately, I have had very little time these days to get creative as we’re busy redecorating some display areas in the house, a project that had been on hold but finally getting around to doing. Now is just the good time to getting more inspired with more ideas. By New Year, I hope to free up more time again and really get down to some serious painting. Can’t wait! Meanwhile, wishing you all readers a Happy Christmas from us!!

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