Mama and Baby Angels

Here comes the second part of the Christmas themed trilogy of digital painting! Discovered another handy tool on Procreate, and that is being able to copy parts of a painting and pasting onto another canvas. This is made possible by selecting the layers you want to copy and then dragging your finger to the main menu and onto the canvas of your choice. How cool is that! And now for some Angels…

Copy and Paste

For this painting, I thought copying and pasting the angel would be a good start from my previous painting, Twin Angels. After copying, I merely expanded the angel and worked on the halo a bit more, since the one in the original painting was cut off on the edge. Then tilted her slightly The background was switched to sky blue.

Another Copy and Paste!

Then I duplicated our angel and shrunk the second one whilst tiling her towards the larger one. And here we have a Mama and Baby pair of angels!

The Background

Once I was happy with the composition, now the background! First thing that comes to mind are adding cloud. Procreate already has their preset cloud brush which worked just fine. For fun, I had a play around with the blending mode and came up with the Overlay, whilst I turned down the opacity to 80%. I quite liked that light turquoise blue against the sky blue background. Then some Grainy Spray Round in pink was applied with one of the add-on brushes. Once again, experimented with the blending mode and this time selected Color Dodge. How pretty it all looks now!

And another quick but exciting session with Procreate! The copy and paste to another canvas certainly comes handy. One of the wonderful things about digital painting is that you could keep recreating using older artwork. In this one, I chose the angel. Now guess what I will be going for! Look forward to further working on it…


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